Breakers Newsletter & Swim Meet Info **Please Read**

    Hey Breakers!

    Attached is the Newsletter that is filled with information about the upcoming meet, Swim-a-cross, Pep Rally, invitationals, Banquet, and Independence Parade.  Please check it out so you will know what events are coming up soon!

    The Meet on Saturday is AWAY at Lakes of Eldridge (12750 Lake Center Run, Houston TX 77041) and will be for our 10 year old and under swimmers.  Please be sure to arrive at 7:00am to drop off tents, coolers, and everything you need for a meet before parking.  

    More inforamation is below, in the Newsletter, and posted on the Website.  We are super excited to support our youngest swimmers in their meet this Saturday, June 12th!

    Go Breakers!!!

    From Lakes of Eldridge Swim Team:

    Parking: Pool and Clubhouse Address*: 12750 Lake Center Run, Houston TX 77041. The Lakes on Eldridge Homeowners Association is pleased to host our swim team. However, they are concerned that congestion is minimized for residents and that safety is maximized for everyone in the development. Therefore, please park in designated areas only. See the map below with the arteries marked in green where parking is available and in red where it is not. Parking is allowed on the LAKE SIDE portion of Lake Center Run and Lakeshore Ridge only (leaving the other lane for cars to drive on). During swim meets, the recreation center parking lot is limited to parking pass holders only. Do not park within 15 feet of fire hydrants, 20 feet or a crosswalk or intersection, or within 30 feet of a stop sign - these are all standard Texas laws. Please observe the 25 MPH speed limit please. We will allow you entrance through the Visitor lane (left side) of the LOE main gate off Eldridge (circled in Yellow) on meet days - please inform the guard that you are participating in the swim meet if asked. A "Drop Off Zone" is available for you near the pool (dark blue area along curb near pool) to allow you to unload your gear before parking. Parking is not allowed on side streets. Cars may be towed if parked in the red "No Parking" zone.

    Parking Map

    Our pool is a 6 lane regulation 25 yard pool. We use a Colorado Infinity starter coupled with a Dolphin timing system. We utilize 2 wireless watches per lane and backup manual stopwatches per lane. We request that you bring 9 stopwatches to the meet (6 for lanes and three as alternates) as well as your starter (as a backup to ours) and your computer (again, as a backup to ours). Our Dolphin timing system is also connected to a scoreboard which will supply unofficial times and places for each heat. We have Paragon starting blocks on the deep end of the pool only. Coaches tents are located next to each other on the south side of the pool, directly facing the scoreboard. The kiddie pool will be blocked off during the meet and is off limits. The restrooms are poolside and air conditioned. Results will be posted, as available, on result boards in a breezeway between your team setup area and the ready bench.

    Team Set-up:
    Parents may drop off gear at the pool in the designated drop-off area before parking. The visiting team area is a large space, just outside the side gate to the pool area. This area is adjacent to the drop-off area. This area is very close to the ready bench and a speaker will be provided for music and announcements for your area. The lake is off limits and will be roped off for your team's safety. The tennis courts are also off limits. Please have parents supervise their children if they are playing in the sand volleyball pit or on the playground near the tennis courts.

    Home warm-ups start at 7:15 am. Visiting team warm-ups start at 7:45 am. Scratches need to be presented by your Clerk of Course to Computers by 7:30 am. The officials meeting will begin at 7:45 am and the Timers meeting will begin at 8:00 am. The meet is scheduled to start at 8:30 am.

    Heat Sheets:
    We do not sell heat sheets at our meets - teams are welcome to distribute the sheets via email/PDF to members of their team to print or view electronically at the meet.

    We will have a concession area open for breakfast and snacks throughout the meet. (We should be done before lunch so we have not been providing lunch)

    We make every effort to have a fair and efficiently run swim meet. If you have an concerns or suggestions, we welcome you to present them!

    Mask - Optional

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